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SciPyカンファレンスの目的の1つは、SciPyコミュニティの個人と、Pythonの才能を求めている組織とを結び付けることです。 そうするために、私達は2019年の会議のスポンサーをしてくださる企業に、SciPy会議の求人掲示板に彼らの求人情報を掲載する機会を提供します。

さらに、ゴールドとプラチナスポンサーは7月10日水曜日午後5時30分にカンファレンスジョブフェアに参加します。 就職フェアは一般公開されます。

If you are passionate about scientific and analytic computing, dedicated to quality, and pragmatic about problem solving, we'd love to hear from you. While domain expertise and strong technical skills are almost always required, we tend to weigh "really smart," "highly productive," and "dedicated to developing quality products" more heavily than any specific skill set or degree. If this seems interesting, please visit https://www.enthought.com/careers/

JSR Corporation is a multinational company employing over 8,000 people worldwide and a leading materials supplier in a variety of technology driven markets.

JSR's global network is headquartered in Tokyo (Japan) and has factories and offices in Japan, Europe, US, China, Taiwan and Korea.

JSR is a research-oriented organization that pursues close collaborations with leading innovators in a number of industries that are a key to the present and future welfare of human society: electronic materials, life-sciences, synthetic rubbers, display and optical materials.

For more information about job at JSR Corporation, please go to http://www.jsr.co.jp/rc/  (Japanese site).