Conference Schedule

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SciPy Japan 2019 Schedule 

April 23   


9-12:30    Choice of Beginner or Advanced Tutorial  

                 Tensorflow, Josh Gordon, Google.  Grand Ballroom Salon A

                 Advanced Numpy, Juan Nunuz-Iglesias, Monash University, Grand Ballroom                                  Salon B


12:30-1:30 Lunch, Sanctuary

1:45-2:30    f(x) = a + bi

                     Your (x) future, f, depends on atoms (real) and bits (imaginary: cyber)

                  Mitsunobu Koshiba, President and CEO, JSR, Grand Ballroom

2:30-3:00  Apache ArrowKouhei Sutou, ClearCode Inc., Grand Ballroom

3:00-3:30    Chainer: A Deep Learning Framework for Fast Research and                                                                          ApplicationsCrissman Loomis, Preferred Networks, Grand Ballroom

3:30-3:45    Break

3:45-4:15   Scaling your Python interactive applications with Jupyter,  Luciano                                            Resende, IBM CODAIT/Jupyter Contributor, Grand Ballroom 


4:15-4:45    CuPy: A NumPy-Compatible Library for High Performance Computing with                                           GPUMasayuki Takagi, Preferred Networks, Grand Ballroom 

4:45-5:15    RAPIDS: GPU Accelerated Data Science, Akira Naruse, NVIDIA, Grand Ballroom 

5:15-6:00   Job Fair


6:00-7:30 Cocktail Reception, Sanctuary



April 24



9-12:30    Choice of Beginner or Advance Tutorial

                Intro to Visualization, Manabu Terada, PythonED,  Grand Ballroom Salon A  


                Advanced Machine Learning, Alexandre Chabot-Lerclerc, EnthoughtGrand                                  Ballroom Salon B   


12:30-1:30 Lunch, Sanctuary

1:45-2:30  Keynote: Eric Jones, CEO, Enthought, Grand Ballroom Salon A 

2:30-3:00 Next-Level Art: Becoming More Creative with AI, Max Franzel, Qosmo, Grand                             Ballroom Salon A

                   Production ML Pipelines with TensorFlow, Robert Crowe, Google, Grand                                           Ballroom Salon B 


3:00-3:30  Evolution of the Enthought Platform, Mark Dickinson, Enthought, Grand Ballroom                             Salon A

                    Optuna: A Define-by-Run Hyperparameter Optimization FrameworkTakuya                                       Akiba, Shotaro Sano, Toshihiko Yanase, Takeru Ohta and Masanori Koyama,                                             Preferred Networks, Grand Ballroom Salon B


3:30-3:45   Break


3:45-4:15   SEM Image Noise Reduction Shinji Kobayashi, TEL, Grand Ballroom Salon A

                   daskperiment, Masaaki Horikoshi, Arise Analytics Grand Ballroom Salon B


4:15-4:45   Progression of Zero Programming Skilled Scientist to Python User, Takayuki Miki,                              Tokyo Institute of Technology, Grand Ballroom Salon A

                  Re-run, Repeat, Reproduce, Reuse, Replicate: Transforming Code into                                                     Scientific Contributions, Fabien Benureau, Okinawa IST, Grand Ballroom Salon B


4:45-5:15   Let's Enjoy the Python World Using Network Analysis ~ Overlooking the                                                  reference relationship of PEPs with NetworkX, Tomoko Furuki,  Grand Ballroom                               Salon A

                   Reproducibility and Deployment of Scientific Code: A Discussion about the                                          SciPy Stack and how edm Helps, Didrik Pinte, Enthought, Grand Ballroom Salon B

 5:15-6:15  Lightning Talks, Grand Ballroom 

Keynote Speakers

Mitsunobu Koshiba 

JSR / President and CEO

Mitsunobu graduated from Chiba University and received a MS in Graphic Engineering in 1979. Mitsunobu received a scholarship awarded by Rotary Foundation and enrolled in Materials Science Program, University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1980.

He joined JSR in 1981 and was assigned to the Tokyo Research Lab as a research engineer of photoresists. Mitsunobu then relocated to Silicon Valley in 1990 to start JSR’s first US electronic materials operation and established a #1 supplier position of high performance and quality photoresists to support all major US semiconductor manufacturers.

He returned to JSR Japan in 2002 to run the global operations of the fine chemical sector as a general manager, and was promoted to Executive Officer in 2004 and became President and CEO in 2009. 

Eric Jones

Enthought / CEO

Widely known as one of the founding fathers of Python’s scientific community, Eric drives business growth through digital transformation. For more than 15 years, he has been an innovator in applying machine learning, image processing, 3D visualization, and parallel computing to elegantly solve the most complex business problems.


Prior to founding Enthought in 2001, Eric focused on numerical electromagnetics and genetic optimization in the department of electrical engineering at Duke University. He holds both a Ph.D. and M.S. in electrical engineering from Duke University and a B.S.E. in mechanical engineering from Baylor University.